Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)

The Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)  is a joint venture of General and Higher Education Departments to amplify working hands in different sectors of the economy, by providing additional skill sets to students along with their regular courses. In the curative part, Additional Skill Enhancement Programme (ASEP), under the leadership of Labour and Local Self Government Departments, is envisaged to encompass skill development and grooming initiatives for unemployed persons registered in the Employment Exchanges across the State.

The ASAP level 1 programme, which commenced during November 2012, is a combination of three courses, namely, Communication Skills in English, Basic IT and an Elective Domain Specific Skill Course. The Programmes are developed, delivered, assessed and certified with the active participation of the related industries to ensure labour market acceptance of the programmes. By imparting Communication Skills in English and Basic IT courses to a large student community, the project envisages to create a large talent pool that can work in modern day organizations that promote a global work environment. By choice student groups receive sector specific skills that further enable them to be employable and industry ready.

Sree Kerala Varma College considers ASAP as a great opportunity to equip the students according to the present needs of the society.  Majority of the students are hailing from socially and economically backward communities. The centre was established in the college in November 2016. Currently the college has running a batch of 25 students. Centre offers Foundation courses and students are allotted to different centers for skill courses. Founding Principal is Prof. C.M Latha and Coordinator is Prof Arun K V. Initially Mr.Jeri was the trainer and  now it is Ms.Athira. In connection with World Day Against Child Abuse , our students got second prize in District Level Collage Competition organized by ASAP at District Level.


Convenor: Prof Arun K.V (Department of Political Science)












Award winning collage of Sree Kerala Varma College at District Level collage competition organized by ASAP at Thrissur