Science subjects were started in Sree Kerala varma College in 1953. One of these subjects was Biology. from 1953 to 1955 the head of the department was Mrs. V.P. Sulochana. In 1955 Botany department was originated to provide UG course in Botany, with Zoology and Chemistry as the subsidiary subjects. The first head of Department was Prof. K.R.Viswanathan

Present faculties of the department

1. Mrs. K.MEENA KUMARI M.Sc– Joined in the department in 1985.

2. Mr. SARATCHANDRAN A. DIVAKARAN M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., CSIR-NET/JRF – Joined in the department in 2011.

3. Ms. ANJANA T M.Sc; M.Phil (Assistant Professor on Contract)

4. Ms.RESHMA ASHOKAN M.Sc (Assistant Professor on Contract)


Former Faculties of the Department

1.(Late) Prof. T. Aravindakshan (1953-1985)

2.(Late) Prof. K R Viswanathan (1955-1987)

3. (Late) Prof. A. Keralavarma (1955-1988)

4. Prof. P. Viswanathan ((1962-1994)

5.Prof. N. Remabai (1968-1996)

6. Prof.Alice Francis (1969-1998)

7.Prof (Dr). G. Sasi Kumar (1987-2008)

8.Prof. V Ajith Kumar (1981-2014).

9. Prof (Dr). Sheela Francis K (1987-2017)


Present Non-teaching Staffs 

1. K.Madhava Kumar    -  Gardner

2. Muraleedharan V      - Lab Assiatant

3.Radhakrishnan          - Lab Assistant


Former Non – Teaching Staffs

1. Late Sri. Kochappu                                          -           Lab Attender

2. Late Sri. Kittunni Nair                                       -           Lab Attender  

3. Late Sri. Sankarankutty Nair                             -           Lab Attender  

4. Late Sri. Goda Sarma                                      -           Lab Attender  

5. Late. Sri. Gopalakrishnan Nair                          -           Lab Attender  

6. Smt. P. Latha Devi                                          -           Herbarium Keeper

7. Smt. P. Ambika                                               -           Lab Attender  

8. K. Mohandas                                                   -           Lab Attender  

9. P.M. Unnikrishnan                                            -           Lab Attender  

10. C.V. Ajaykumar                                              -          Herbarium Keeper


Till this year, 67 batches have passed out from this department. 



Book release- 'Medicinal Plants of Sree Kerala Varma College'  written by Dr. Sheela Francis

A talk on 'Career guidance' by Dr. Latha G.Menon, Hardvard University, U.S.A 

                                                    World Environmental day celebrations

                                                               Medicinal Garden plantation

                                        PHYTOFEST- Introduction of Plant World (Exhibition)

                                      WORKSHOP ON ORGANIC FARMING

                               WORKSHOP ON HERBAL DRINK PREPARATION


                                                                          FOOD FEST