Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee


To ensure calm and peaceful academic atmosphere in the campus.

To aviod physical confrontation among students.

To conduct enqiuries on report of indiscipilinary activities among students

To initiate model actions against students involved in indiscipilinary activities

To initiate steps to reduce violence, controntation in future

Convenor : Prof. Viswas V Nadh


Prof. Sandeep T. G.

Dr. Divya P. V.

Description of Activities 

The present Discipline committe had formed on 01/12/2016 

The first disciplinary incident reported to the committe was on 23/12/2016, 4 students were injured due to physical confrontation.

Detailed statements were recorded from petitioners, accused, witnesses and a report was submitted to Principal.

Approximately 7 students were suspended from the campus who had direct involvment in the activityfor one month, and they were reinstated by obatining assurance letter from their guardians.

After this incident, students belonging to variuos association were called for discussions, and as an effect of this no such incidents were reported till this date.