Department Profile

The Department of Economics offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Economics.The department of Economics with degree course was started in the year 1947. The post graduate programme in Economics was started in the year 1965. 

Department Faculty

1. P.V Rajasekharan- MA   (Associate Professor & HOD)

2.Dr.T.D Simon MA;PHD;B.Ed  (Assistant Professor)

3.Mrs.C.Anila MA;B.Ed (Assistant Professor)

4.Dr.M.Sindhu MA;Mphil; PHD  (Assistant Professor)

5.Mrs.Shijitha.M MA;B.Ed  (Assistant Professor)

6.Dr.Pradeep.P MA;PHD  (Assistant Professor)

7.Dr.Vidya I.V MA;B.Ed, PHD  (Assistant Professor)

Retired faculty

1.Prof.I.P Balagopalan -1947-1976

2.Prof.Krishna Iyer- 1965-1967

3.Prof.P.P Menon 1947-1973

4.Prof.A.K Paul1947-1974

5.Prof.K.A Narayanan1965-1996

6.Prof. E.N Sethumadhavan1965-1994


8.Prof.I.N Suresh Babu1973-2005

9.Prof.Sathyavathi.P.C Nair1980-2005

10.Prof.T.N Sudha 1975-2007

11.Dr.N.Savithri 1981-2014

12.Mrs.Arunadevi  1983-2012


(I) BA Economics

Total seats : 60

Complementary courses

(1) History; 

(2) political science

Open Course : Banking

Syllabus BA programme

Syllabus BA economics 1979 admission

Syllabus BA economics 1995 and earlier admission

Syllabus BA economics 1996 admission

CCSS Regulation 2009-10

Syllabus-BA economics 2014 admissions

(II) MA Economics

Sanctoned seats :20

Elective Courses for MA   

(1) Business Economics  

(2) Advanced Econometrics

Syllabus MA economics

Syllabus MA economics 1996-97 admission

Syllabus MA economics 1997 admission

Syllabus MA economics 2001 admission

Syllabus MA economics 2005 admission

Syllabus MA economics 2010 admission

 Syllabus-MA Economics 2015 admission

UGC Regulations

2010 regulations

2013 regulations

2016 May regulations

2016 July Regulations

UGC API 2016

UGC API score 2016

Lists of UGC Approved Journal 2017

Seminars and invited lectures


National seminar- contemporary business environment and Human Resource Development, , Thrissur on 24-25October 2011

International Seminar -Paradigm Shifts in Neo liberalism on 4th January 2012.

UGC sponsored National seminar- Financial Markets in India:Post Meltdown Scenario, 12th and 13th  September 2012.

Invited Talks

Dr.K.P Mani (2017)  Recent trends in Kerala Economy on 23 January 2017

Dr.D Ratnaraj (2016) Urbanisation in India

D.Shyjan March 2015 Public Expanditure in India

Dr.Radhakrishnan (2014): Decntralised Planning

Dr.Shaheena (2012) :Goods and Service Tax

Model question Papers

BA Economics

Mathematical economics

Banking and InsuranceQuestion papers

Budget 2017