A Research Centre under the University of Calicut from 2011, the Department of English of SKVC conducts a Master's Degree course in English Language and Literature and Degree-level courses in English Language and Literature and in Functional English.


Programmes Offered:

B A Degree in English Literature

Complementary Courses: (i) World History

                                      (ii) British History

Sanctioned Seat: 25

Syllabus: http://www.keralavarma.ac.in/content/ba-english-syllabus

B A Degree in Functional English

Elective Paper: Advertising- Theory and Practice

Complementary Courses: (i) Indian Writing in English
                                      (ii) American Literature
                                      (iii) Foundations of Aaesthetics and Criticism 
                                      (iv) Personality Development

Sanctioned Seat: 30

Syllabus: http://www.keralavarma.ac.in/content/bafunctional-english

M A Degree in English Language & Literature

Sanctioned Seat:15

Syllabus: http://www.keralavarma.ac.in/content/maenglish-syllabus

Ph.D. in English

Number of Research Guides: 4

Number of Research Scholars: 24

Number of JRF Scholars: 3


Department Faculty:

Dr. M. M. Preetha, M A, M Phil, Ph D. Associate Professor and HOD

Prof. Roshini Sreenivasan, M A, Associate Professor

Prof. A. K. Ravikrishnan, M A, Associate Professor

Prof. R. Bindu, M A, M Phil, Associate Professor

Prof. C. K. Hariharan, M A, Associate Professor

Prof. Aiswarya S.Babu, M A, M Phil, Assistant Professor

Prof. T. G. Sandeep, M A, Assistant Professor

Prof. P. S. Chithra, M A, Assistant Professor

Prof.Abitha Balagopal, M A, Assistant Professor

Prof. Divya N., M A, MPhil, Assistant Professor

Prof. Radhika K.S. , M.A, MPhil, Assistant Professor

Dr. Anu T. Asokan, M A, PhD, Assistant Professor

Prof. Janeepa P.A., M A, MEd, Assistant Professor

Prof. Vrinda Varma, M A, MPhil, Assistant Professor

Prof. Seema K.V., M A, BEd, Assistant Professor 

Prof. Archana V., M.A., Assistant Professor

Prof.Iswarya J.S., M.A., Assistant Professor

Former Faculty Members

Kavithilakan P.Sankaran Nambiar


K.G.Bhaskara Menon



T.A.Saraswati Amma




Sathi M.Warrier

K.Venkatachala Iyer

K.Gopala Menon




Gowri Prabhakar






R.Ganapathy Krishnan


Sharada R.Menon



P.VijayalakshmyRavindranathan K.


Chandramohan K.

Shailaja Mani

Latha P.





B.Kamala Bai

Kaumudi Girish Kumar



C.Narayanan Namboodiripad

P.Sreedharan Nair


M.Krishna Menon

K.Raja Varma

P.Padma Kumari







Shalini Rajah

N.R.Anil Kumar



Shailaja Mohan

Sreedevi S.



Research Department affiliated to the University of Calicut

Research Guides: 

Dr. M. M. Preetha, M A, M Phil, Ph D. Associate Professor and HOD , (Department of English, Sree Kerala Varma College)

Dr.K.P.Sudha (Principal Retd. Sree Kerala Varma College)

Dr.C.B.Mohandas (Associate Professor (Retd.), Dept. of English, Sree Kerala Varma College)

Dr. Usha K (Associate Professor, Dept. of English, N.S.S. College)

Contact Us:

Our Old Students Association: Nostanglia http://www.nostanglia.org

Mail us at: [email protected]

Like us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/English-Department-Sree-Kerala-Varma-Coll...

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The Department of English encourages the literary and cultural activities of the students through FELCA, a forum for literary and cultural activities. The Associations for English and Functional English conducts academic talks for the students of the respective programmes every year. The annual lecture conducted by TKN Foundation, in memory of Prof.T.K.Nandakumar, with its eminent speakers is another noteworthy event. Academic talks and lectures are also conducted by the Research Centre for the benefit of the scholars and the students of the Department. Members of our faculty have undertaken minor research projects funded by the UGC.


  • 28-11-2016: The Eighth T. K. Nandakumaran Memorial Lecture 2016 by Prof.M.T.Ansari, HoD, School of Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad, on "Nation and its Discontents".


  • 22 to 24-07-2015: Two-day film festival organised by FELCA. National Award winning director Priyanandanan inaugurated the festival. K.B. Venu, film maker; Prof.C.B.Mohandas; and Prof.I Shanmugha Das discussed the films that were screened.
  • 02-10-2015: Creative writing and poetry reading session by Dr.Syam Sudhakar, bi-lingual poet and Assistant Professor, St.Thomas College, Thrissur, organised by FELCA
  • 11-11-2015: The Sixth T.K. Nandakumaran Foundation Memorial Lecture 2015 by Prof.T.T.Sreekumar on "Asian Modernity and the Posthuman Future".
  • 25 to 27-11-2015: UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Theatre, Theory and Praxis was inaugurated by Prof Mangai, Theatre practitioner. Keynote speakers included Deepan Sivaraman and other eminent theatre practitioners and critics.


  • 20-10-2014: A lecture by Prof. P.N Prakash on Trends in Post War Literature, organised by FELCA.
  • 12-11-2014 to 14-11-2014: National Conference on Film, Film Studies and Ideology. Anand Patwardhan, notable documentary film maker and social activist was an invited speaker. His movie ‘Jaim Bheem Comrade’ was screened. K.R Mohanan, film maker inaugurated the seminar.


  • 30-07-2013: A  lecture on Theatre Studies by Dr.Sreenath Nair, Sr.Lecturer in Theatre and Performace Studies, University of Lincoln, UK followed by an Interactive Session, organised by FELCA.
  • 22-10-2013: Anil Anto (Cine Artist) inaugurated the activities of English Literature Association and Functional English Association for the academic year. It was followed by a talk on "The Language of Cinema" by Prof.I.Shanmugha Das, film critic and academician.
  • 26-11-2013: The Fifth T.K. Nandakumaran Foundation Memorial Lecture 2013 by Prof. K.Satchidanandan on 'Indianizing English: Strategies of Nativization in Indian English Writing'.
  • 14-01-2014 to 16-01-2014: A three-day Film Festival of World Classics organised by FELCA ended with a lecture by Dr.Muraleedharan, Head, St.Aloysius College, Thrissur on the politics of cinema on day three.
  • 06-01-2014: A workshop on Academic Writing conducted for the post graduate students of the Department in association with the Department of Political Science. 
  • 28-01-2014: A talk on Theatre by Abhilash K.Pillai organised by FELCA on the eve of Thrissur Theatre Festival 2014, 'itfok'


  • 6-8-12: One day workshop on Basic Photography by Sri. Biju ( Freelance photographer, Dubai), open to all students of the College as part of the Department's efforts to enhance the skill set of the students of the college.
  • 9-9-12: Inauguration of UGC-NET coaching classes by Prof.Salini Rajah, Retd. Professor of the Department.
  • 31-9-12: The Fourth T.K.N Memorial Lecture, 2012 on 'Rethinking Kerala's Modernity' by Dr.M.V. Narayanan, Head, Department of English, University of Calicut followed by a discussion moderated by Prof.P.V.Anilkumar, Head, Department of English, Government College, Kuttanellur.
  • 31-9-11: Release of the FELCA journal, 'Scribbles'. 
  • 14-12-12: Workshop on ‘How to Make Short Movies on a Shoe String Budget’ by Sunil Sugatha ( Short Movie Maker and Cine artist) and K.V. Sivaprasad( State Award Winner for Best Documentary 2012), followed by screening of short movies.
  • 23-1-13: Lecture by Sri. N.Madhavankutty( Resident Editor, Deshabhimani) on ‘Media Freedom: Myth and Reality’ in connection with the inauguration of B.A.English and B.A Functional English Associations for the academic year 2012-13.


  • 1-6-11: Lecture by Dr.E.V.Ramakrishnan (Baroda University) on ‘Locating Indian Literature in the Contemporary Context’ organized in collaboration with Centre for English Studies and Research.
  • 2-6-11: Lecture by Dr.P.Madhavan, Head of the Department of Linguistics, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad on ‘Meaning in Language’ in collaboration with the Research Centre and FELCA.
  • 8-6-11: Inauguration of the course ‘Introduction to Film studies’, a workshop on Film Studies and Screening of Film by Mr.P.Balan, former student of the College and Director of ‘The 18th Elephant’ which won the International Green Oscar (Panda) Award, South East Asian Film Award and National Award.
  • 17-6-11: Lecture by Prof.Habeeb.C, Farook College, Calicut on ‘Representation of the Visually Challenged in Literature and Media’.
  • 21-10-11: Third T.K.Nandakumaran Memorial Lecture by Dr.Susie Tharu (Professor Emeritus in the Dept. of Cultural Studies, EFLU, Hyderabad) on ‘Notes for A Theory of The Visual Vernacular: Pushpamala.N’s Native Women’s of South India’
  • 13-11-11:  Reunion of former English and Functional English students and felicitation to the former teachers
  • 24-11-11: Lecture by Dr.C.B.Mohandas on ‘Film and Ideology’ under the auspices of FELCA
  • 24-1-12: Lecture by Aiswarya.S.Babu on ‘Methodology’ under the auspices of FELCA
  • 24-1-12 & 25-1-12: Workshop on Theatre Studies in collaboration with the Department of English, Sree Krishna College, Guruvayoor by Cine and Theatre artist Manu Jose
  • 27-2-12: Lecture by Prof.B.Jayakrishnan (Dept. of English, NSS College, Ottappalam) on ‘Situating the Post Colonial’ in connection with the inauguration of B.A.English and B.A Functional English Associations.
  • 5-3-12: Screening of the play ‘Hamlet’ directed by Dr. Geetha Krishnankutty and enacted by IV semester M.A English students
  • 8-3-12: Film Festival by FELCA, screening of the movies: 1. Stoning of Soraya 2. Pares Pole 3. Manjana followed by a discussion with Prof.r.Bindu and Prof.Roshini Sreenivasan as moderators.


  • 18 to 19-09-2010: Conducted a two-day intensive training program in Digital Content Authoring Technology with Free Software. The program was jointly organized with the T K N Foundation. Thirty teachers from schools, colleges and universities in various parts of Kerala participated in the program and were given training in technology for creating Digital Courses for online and offline use. The training was unique in the use of Free Software for teacher empowerment.
  • 29.11.2010: Hosted the annual T K N Foundation lecture. Eminent media personality Sri. K. Sasikumar delivered the lecture on ‘Media Ecology’. The T K Nandakumar Foundation is associated with the English Department and honors the memory of Dr. T. K. Nandakumar, lecturer of the English department who passed away while in service in 2007.  Teachers, students and alumni of Sree Kerala Varma College  as well as other colleges participated in the program.
  • 03-02-2011: The English Literature and Functional English Students’ Associations were inaugurated by Dr. Jesmi, well-known social activist and advocate of women’s rights.
  • 03-02-2011: Conducted Media Seminar ‘The Fourth Estate’ at the P S N Hall. Well-known personalities from Print, Television, Radio and Web Media participated in the seminar which was attended by teachers and students of the college. A lively discussion with active audience participation followed.
  • 15-02-2011: Organized a talk by Dr. Sundar Singh, HOD of English, Karunya University, Coimbatore.
  • 23-03-2011: Prof. Prakasan formally inaugurated the newly sanctioned Research Centre of the Department, affiliated to the Univrsity of Calicut. 
  • 23-03-2011: Forum for English Literary and Cultural Activities (FELCA), a student forum, was inaugurated by the Principal of the college, Prof. N. Narayanan.
  • 23-03-2011: Organized a lecture and multimedia presentation on Graphic Novels by Sri. Gokuldas, Research Scholar , EFLU, Hyderabad.