BA Hindi



         The Department of Hindi established in 1960.The department offers undergraduate course in Hindi language and literature as main subject and also as additional language.It offers facilities for intensive study in different areas of Hindi language and literature,translation and comparative literature.The syllabus is well suited for teaching of literaure,criticism,poetics,linguistics and history of literature. Prof.S.Padmanabhan was our first head of the department.Eminent scholars like Dr.Sudhanshu Prakash Chaturvedi and Dr.P.V.Krishnan Nair were the faculties of this department.All the present faculty members of our department are PhD holders.

          The Department of Hindi aims to make the students able to express their feeling and knowledge in Hindi language.We help the students understand the greatness and necessity of the National language.We promote creative writing to bring out the hidden literary talent of our students.We aquaint them with different traditions ,culture and living of different parts of India through Hindi literature.By teaching Hindi as a language we promote national feeling and integrity among the students and make them feel Hindi as a National language.

Former faculties of our Department


2.Prof.A.Lakshmikutty Pisharasyar




6.Dr.Sudhanshu Prakash Chaturvedi


8.Dr.P.V.Krishnan Nair






14.Dr.Ravindran Mavinkal

Department Faculty


M.A,MPhil,PhD Asst.Professor (Head of the Department)

Dr.Asha Ramakrishnan

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., PGDT,  Asst Professor

Dr.Rajendran Patinhare Karammal

MA,MPhil,PhD,B.Ed,PGDT Asst.Professor


M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, NET, Assistant Professor

Dr.Prameela N.K

M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Course Title:

Core courses:

 1 .Prose and one-act play in Hindi

 2.Translation:theory and practice

 3.General Informatics and Hindi computing

 4.Practical Grammar

 5.Hindi drama and theatre

 6.Perspectives of humanities, language and methodology.


 8.Contemperory trends in Hindi literature

 9.Indian literary thoughts.

 10.Ancient and medieval poetry,prosody and poetics.

 11.Journalism and mass communication

 12.Modern poetry in Hindi

 13.Novel and short stories in Hindi

 14.History of Hindi language

 15.Western literary thoughts

Complimentary courses:

1.History of Hindi literature

2.Hindi literature in Kerala

3.Literature of Tamil,Telugu ,Kannada and Malayalam

4.Comparative Literature

5.Correspondence and secretarial drafting in hindi

6.Gandhism in Hindi literature.

Rank holders  of our Department:

1. C.Santhi -                              Rank 1   -         (1978-79)

2. Anna Sally-                            Rank 1 -           (1987-88)

3. P.Geetha -                             Rank 1 -           (1987-88)

4 .Babu.K.Viswanath -              Rank 1-            (1989-90)

5. Vinod M.K-                             Rank 2 -           (1989-90)

6. V.G.Reshmi -                         Rank 2 -           (1995-96)

7. P.G.Sheeja-                           Rank 1-            (1996-97)

8. Sujatha Varghese-                 Rank 1-            (1999-2000)

9. N.B.Sheena-                           Rank 2-            (1999-2000)

10.Rekha.K -                               Rank 3-            (1999-2000)

11. N.Indu -                                  Rank 2-             (2000-01)

12. E.N Sandhya-                       Rank 2 -            (2001-02)

13. K.Asha -                                Rank 2 -            (2002-03)

14. Biji Nair -                               Rank 2 -            (2006-07)

15. T.S.Saranya-                         Rank 3 -             (2006-07)

16. Sreebhadra Nair.N-             Rank 1-              (2008-09)

17. Sandhya .K.S  -                     Rank 2 -             (2008-09)

18. Sulisha .E.U-                       Rank 3 -             (2008-09)

19. Nimitha.K.V-                        Rank 1-               (2010-11)


The Department alumini association MILAN conducts annual meetings .Many of our alumni members are well placed in central and state Govt. instituitions and some of them are giving contributions in the fields of  arts,sports and literature.The Department gets full support from MILAN in all academic activities.