• To function as an instrument to propose realistic and attainable quality benchmarks for academic and administrative activities and to help the institution to grow with sustaining quality.


  • To evaluate, refine,   redefine, coordinate and to audit the Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism for total quality management of the institution.
  • To shoulder the responsibility for generation, promotion, implementation and continuous improvement of innovations in curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities of the institution.
  • To direct all the activities of the institution towards the enhancement of the learner’s knowledge capacity and personality through values.
  • To arrange for periodic setting up of quality benchmarks for the institution in its quest for excellence.
  • To arrange for regular interaction with the NAAC and timely preparation and submission of such reports as IQAR and RAR.


Chairperson: Prof. C. M. Latha (Principal)

Convenor: Dr. T.D. Simon               


V.A. Sheeja (Secretary, Cochin Devaswom Board)

P.V. Rajasekharan
Dr. T.D. Sobha
R. Bindu
K.M. Geetha
V.A. Narayana Menon
A.K. Ravikrishnan
T.K. Ramakrishnan
C.K. Hariharan
Viswas V. Nath
Dr. K. Jayanisha
Dr. C.R. Pramod
Dr. K. Rajeswari
V.N. Harish
Dr. S. Bini
K.V. Arun
Lt. Saratchandran A. Divakaran
Dr. S. Maya
Dr. K.K. Sheenaja
Dr. P.L. Lekshmy
Dhanya V. Mukundan
Dr. K.J. Arun
Dr. C. Adarsh
K.G. Anoop
K. Gopalakrishnan

N.R.Anil Kumar

P. Mohandas

P.S. Manikandan