B A Degree in Malayalam, Core Course : Malayalam, Complimentary Course : Sanskrit, Sanctioned seat : 20

M A Degree in Malayalam Language & Literature

Ph D Degree in Malayalam Language & Literature




Prof C K Prasannan,  M A, M PHIL

Asso Professor, Head of the Department


Prof E S Satheesan, M A, M PHIL

Asso Professor


Dr M R Rajesh  M A, PH D

Asst Professor


Dr V C SupriyaM A, PH D

Asst Professor


Dr C AdarshM A, PH D

Asst Professor


Prof T S  DeepaM A

Asst Professor


Dr Kalamol, M A, PH D

Asst Professor


Dr Girishkumar, M A, PH D

Asst Professor




Brief History


          Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur holds rich tradition extending beyond sixty years in the higher education scenario of Kerala. This college has acclaimed fame among the colleges of the affiliating Calicut University for its splendid performance on varied fronts like diversity of its teaching departments and the excellence in academics.

         The contributions of Sree Kerala Varma College in areas like study of languages, culture and literature are laudable. The Department of Malayalam which has a history as old as the college could make commendable contributions towards research in literature and study of Kerala culture. The Malayalam B.O.L degree course which was one of the first courses started in the college was later converted to B.A. Malayalam.

         The Department of Malayalam could contribute meaningfully towards the resourceful contributions of SKVC to Kerala society in the fields of language, literature, culture and arts. The Department had a number of famous Malayalam scholars as faculty. Prof. E.K. Naryanan Potty and Prof. P. Appukuttamenon were the first faculty members of the Malayalam Department. Later Prof. N.V. Krishnavariyar and Prof. D. Padmanabanunny joined the department. When Prof. N.V. Krishnavariyar assumed editorship of the coveted Malayalam literary weekly Mathrubhoomi, Prof. M.S. Menon joined as faculty.

        The department of Malayalam which started functioning with the inception of the college has a long roll of eminent faculty members like Prof. K.P. Narayna Pishoroty, Prof. K. Ramanunny Variyar, Prof. Akavoor Narayanan, Prof. K.P. Sankaran, Dr. V.S. Sharma, Prof. Thiruthikode Prabakaran Nair, Vidwan K. Kunjunny, Prof. K Amminyamma, Prof. K. Balachandran Kartha, Dr. M.M. Purushothaman Nair, Prof. K. Kali, Prof. K. Rajan, Prof. P. Naraya Menon, Dr. Shornur Karthikeyan, Dr. Kalpetta Balakrishnan and Dr. K. Saraswathy, Prof R Gopalakrishnapillai, Prof V G Thampy, Prof P P Saraswathiy, Dr C R Rajagopalan, Dr T R Sivasankaran nair, Dr M V Balakrishnan. As a testimony to the eminence of these faculty members, the UGC has awarded five year professorship tenure after retirement to Prof. E.K. Naryanan Potty and Prof. K.P. Narayna Pishoroty. Prof. P.G. Purshothaman Pillai also functioned as UGC Professor for sometime.

The faculty members of the Malayalam Department have also contributed to the administrative excellence of the college. Dr. K. Sarswathy, Prof. K Amminyamma and Prof. R. Goplakrishna Pillai have functioned as principals of the college.

        The department of Malayalam is blessed to have many of its alumni joining as members of faculty. Prof. K.P. Sankaran, Dr. K. Sarswathy, K. Rajan, V.G. Thampy, Dr. C.R. Rajagopalan, K. Krishnakumary and C.K. Prasanan were former students of this department.

       The Department has well qualified faculty (5 Ph D holders and 2 M.Phil holders) who contribute liberally towards the in-depth exploration of language, culture and literature. Present members of the faculty are Dr. N. Anilkumar (Head of the Department of Malayalam), Prof. T.P. Sudhakaran, Dr K. Krishnakumari, Prof. C.K. Prasannan, Prof. E.S. Satheesan, Dr Prakasbabu, Dr V C Supriya, Dr C Adars and Prof DeepaNisanth.

The members of faculty of the Department of Malayalam have created a space of their own not only in academics but in literary research and creative writing. The rich tradition of the department may be traced from the famous Malayalam – Sanskrit scholar Prof. K.P. Narayana Pishoroty who has been awarded the Ezhuthachan Puraskaram, the most prestigious literary award of Government of Kerala. He has also been honoured with other coveted recognitions like awards of the Kendra Sahithya Academy, Kerala Sahithya Academy etc. Dr. Kalpetta Balakrishnan has served as the secretary of Kerala Kalamandalam which has now been raised to the status of a deemed university. The faculty of the department have also been honoured by Kerala Kalamandalam, Kerala Basha Institute, Kerala Sangeetha Natka Academy and Kerala Encyclopedia Department. The faculty of this department has also served in various capacities in the senate, board of studies, academic council and various advisory boards of Kerala University, Cochin University, Mahatma Gandhi University, Calicut University and Kannur University.

The ambiance of the Department fosters creativity and vibrancy of academic life. To encourage the creativity of the students of the department, various activities are organised. In 1947 itself the department constituted a literary club titled Kerala Sahithya Samithy. In 1950 the department organized a workshop involving prominent Malayalam writers, poets and critics. This workshop could be considered as a milestone in the literary history of Kerala. The literary forum of the department Vykhari has organized a number of literary workshops and talks by eminent scholars and writers. The forum also published three books of former students of the department. The department also has a cultural collective of staff & students named Keralasamskrithi. This collective cloud release two books, one short story and one poetry.

To unveil the unending vastness of visual media, the department initiated a film club named Kazhcha. In 1997 the club produced the first ever campus film of Kerala. The film titled Tharisunillam was directed by Prof. V.G. Thampy.

          Postgraduate study in Malayalam was the started in 1967. It is a matter of pride to state that M.A. Malayalam course was started at Kerala Varma before that course was started in the University of Calicut. The PG course offered by the Department under the semester system is embedded with innovative learning techniques like seminar presentations, project work, extension lectures, invited talks, study tours and interaction with literary figures. The pedagogy of the Department adopts interdisciplinary approach integrating the study of language with media studies and folklore.

The students of the department have bagged various ranks for the UG and PG examinations of the University of Calicut.

1987 the Malayalam Department was elevated to the status of a research centre. An array of eminent scholars like Dr. Sukumar Azheekode, Dr. Chummar Choondal, Dr. Desamangalam Ramakrishnan, Dr. Shornur Karthikeyan, Dr. Kalpetta Balakrishnan, Dr. C.R. Rajagopalan, Dr. A.N. Krishnan and Dr. N. Anilkumar served as research guides. So far twenty five students have been awarded Ph.D through this research centre. In 1994 the research centre was recognized by UGC.

The faculty of the department are actively involved in research activities. A number of research projects funded by the UGC and Department of Human Resource Development are carried out by the faculty members. Dr. C.R. Rajagopalan has presented papers in Wales University, University of London, Ethnic University of China and Aristotle University of Greece.

       The alumni of the department are actively involved in the political – cultural – social spheres of Kerala. The alumni of the department serve as ministers, M.LAs, Members of Kerala Sahithya Academy, Kerala Kalamandalam, journalists and so on. The alumni association of the department has constituted ‘Sree Kerala Varma Sahithya Puraskaram’ to honour the outstanding literary works in Malayalam. It has also organized an educational seminar in 2006.

The department of Malayalam organized a UGC sponsored national seminar on NEW READINGS IN MALAYALAM LITERATURE on 2nd & 3rd November 2006.

The Post graduate Department of Malayalam takes all out efforts to keep pace with the advancements in knowledge and the information revolution. As an attempt in this regard, the Department has set up a state of the art audio visual centre with the financial assistance of UGC.


Activities -2014- 15

Three Day U G C National Seminar on 'Story Telling - Beyond Aesthetics', February 11,12 & 13, 2015

Sri N S Madhavan Inaugurates the Function


ACTIVITES - 2013-14

Four Day U G C National Workshop on 'Performing Poetry in Malayalam', March 6,7,8 & 9 2014 

Dr NeenaPrasad Inaugurates the function

The Inaugural Address By Dr NeenaPrasad 


KeyNote Address by Dr M V Narayanan 



ACTIVITIES - 2012 - 13


U G C National Media Seminar - 5th & 6th sept 2012




Smt LeelaMenon, Inauguaral address

Prof Jayachandran, Principal, Presidential address

Dr N Anilkumar, Welcome speech

Sri Neelan, Keynote address

Dr Sebastian Paul

Sri K M Roy

Prof Kalpatta Narayanan


Smt P E Usha

Sri P Balan

Dr Umar Tharamel

Dr Ajayapuram Jyothish kumar

Dr T Jithesh

Dr B V Sasikumar

Dr P Geetha

Dr Shaji Jacob

Smt N Susmitha

Dr Josphene Joseph

Sri M K Krishnakumar

Smt Suneetha T V

Prof M Sathyan

Dr T R Sivasankaran Nair

Dr T Pavithran

Prof T P Sudhakaran

Sri M P Surendran


Sri V M Radhakrishnan

Prof C K Prasannan

Sri P A Kuriakose

Dr K Krishnakumari

Kum Jafi




Inauguration of Malayalam Activities - 2012


Poet Rafeeq Ahamed inaugurates the function


Dr Kavitha Balakrishnan releases the Wall Magazine


A  Poet Meet





Dr N Anilkumar

Prof M N Vijayan


 Prof  Kalppatta Narayanan


 Poet  Balachandran Chullikkad


Poet  K G Sankarapillai