Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)

The Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) is a joint venture of General and Higher Education Departments to amplify working hands in different sectors of the economy, by providing additional skill sets to students along with their regular courses.

Sree Kerala Varma College considers ASAP as a great opportunity to equip the students according to the present needs of the society.  Majority of the students are hailing from socially and economically backward communities. The centre was established in the college in November 2016. Currently, the college has a running batch of 25 students. Centre offers Foundation courses and students are allotted to different centers for skill based courses.

In connection with World Day Against Child Abuse, our students got a second prize in District Level Collage Competition organized by ASAP at District Level.

The ASAP activities for the academic year 2017-2018 began with an inauguration of the ASAP Club on  9th August 2017. 

Mr P G Noushad ( Dist Programme Maneger ASAP ) inaugurated the function. Smt. Latha C.M, Mr . Dr T D Simon (coordinator IQAC, Sree Kerala Varma College ) . Ms Sreelakshmi A V ( Progrmme Manager ASAP ) Mr.Arun Karippal (ASAP Coordinator, Sree Kerala Varma College ) and Ms Athira P Krishnankutty (Skill Development Executive -ASAP ) addressed the gathering.


ASAP Process

1. Orientation Programme

2. Call for Application

3. Interview

4. Announcing of Result

5. Parents Meeting

6. Foundation Classes at College level

7. Skill Classes at allotted centers

Orientation Programme

Thereafter the ASAP club inauguration on  9th August 2017, an orientation programme was organized for first-year degree students on the topic 'opportunities of ASAP'. Ms. Sreelakshmi A.V, Programme Manager ASAP lead the orientation class. in order to deliver the class effectively, the class was arranged in two sessions as for humanities students and for Science students. A considerable increase in the application shown the orientation programme was a success.


Compared to the first year of the introduction of ASAP course, this academic year marked 64 percent increase in the applications. Last year it was 25 and now it is 41. An interview was conducted for the applicants on 22/09/2017 at PSN Hall. ASAP District Programme Managers, College Principal, and Programme Coordinator were on the interview board. Based on the different criteria, 34 students are selected for the academic year 2017-18.

Parents Meeting

A parents meeting was commenced on 26/09/2017 at Room No 42. The purpose of the meeting was to provide an outline of the course to the parents. Mr. Sanju S, Programme Manager ASAP lead the meeting. This meeting also witnessed an experience sharing of ASAPians. Smt. Latha C.M, Principal, Mr.Arun Karippal, ASAP Coordinator, and Ms Athira P Krishnankutty, Skill Development Executive, ASAP addressed the gathering.

Foundation Classes

Foundation classes for the first batch will going successfully. The foundation course of the academic year 2017 -18 will start in the second week of October 2017.

Skill Course.

The major highlight of ASAP is preparing the students for a vocation along with Unversity education. Based an aptitude test, ASAPians are allotted different skill courses. Our students of the academic year 2016-17 are actively attending the skill courses. However due to technical issues from the ASAP headquarters, few of our students are not able to identify and attend the course. We expect that this issue will sort out soon.The detailed list is given below.


100008 AISWARYA UNNI Dropout
100007 ANJITHA PJ Not Allotted
100784 ARUN KUMAR PA Fashion Designer
100001 ATHIRA TD Certificate Course fitness trainer
100928 BABITHA BV Certificate Course fitness trainer
99998 CHANDINI KC Certificate Course - Meeting Conference and Event Planner
100929 KJ ASHIK Dropout
99999 LAVANYA PV Dropout
101211 Manusha ma Not Allotted
101035 NANDHANA PS Not Allotted
100785 NEETHUMOL KN Certificate Course - Meeting Conference and Event Planner
100006 RISWANA Not Allotted
100933 ROSHNI MR Not Allotted
100005 SONA VS Not Allotted
100009 SREEJITH K MARAR Certificate Course - Meeting Conference and Event Planner
99997 SRUTHY K SIVA Certificate Course - Meeting Conference and Event Planner
99996 VYSHNA VS Certificate Course - Meeting Conference and Event Planner


 'Crea Era' ASAP Project Presentation

ASAP Project Presentation of 2016-2017 was held on 20th February 2018 at PSN hall. The ASAPians presented a project based on the theme 'Recycling of Used Goods'. They were made diverse type of goods by using used news papers, pants and other cloths. This programe was inagurated by Dr. Renu Raj IAS, Sub Collector Thrissur. The meeting presided over by Prof. C.M Latha, Principal SKVC. Mr. Noushad PG , District Programe Manager, ASAP was the Chief Guest. The District Collector has made  a thought provoking talk.  Prof. A. K Ravikrishnan, Former PTA Secretary,Dr. P.K Rajendran, President Staff Club, Mr. Sanju S, Programme Manager, Mr.Arun Karippal, ASAP Coordinator,  and Ms Athira P Krishnankutty, Skill Development Executive, ASAP addressed the gathering. Aiswarya A.V and Arya Aravind shared their experience in ASAP. All the ASAPians played different roles before the audiance. Their Confidence, Communication Skill captured the attention of the Teachers, Parents who gathered the function. As a part of presentation they were exhibited their manufactured goods. Later it was given to the students who demanded it freely.


Programme Co-ordinator: Prof Arun K.V (Department of Political Science)


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