Counseling Committee



In the complex conditions of the society we live in, it is quite natural for students to face some psychological disturbances at one time or another. But because of the social stigma associated with it, we never approach a professional for the solution. Hence arose the need for a counseling cell right at college campus.

In our college it all began with a talk by Sri Raghunandanan C, a practicing psychotherapist organized on November 6, 2015 on the topic “Significance of Counseling. Many teachers and students attended the same and echoed the need of counseling for our students. Considering the fact that majority of our students come from poor/middle class background, Dr Raghunanadanan offered free service.


The counseling service is offered in a room exclusively kept for counseling in the Zoology Block, every Thursday, from 2 to 4 pm. On an average 5-6 students avail this service each Thursday. So far, about 45 girls and 10 boys from various  departments have made use of  the free counseling service. The details of cases are kept highly confidential. The problems vary from mild learning difficulties to severe suicidal tendencies and hysteria. Some serious cases were referred to a psychiatrist.It was found that the counseling service was highly beneficial to students to motivate and help them in studies as well as in personal problems.

Students in need for counselling are encouraged to first approach the teachers. They are then referred to the counselor. When there are atleast 4 students who have approached the teachers, the cousellor is made available for the students in need. 

The students can book the service by either sending sms to the given mobile numbers or directly approaching the teachers in charge.

Counseling can help you to

  • Develop self confidence   
  • Overcome learning difficulties   
  • Overcome stage-fright   
  • Overcome depression   
  • Cure insomnia  
  • Cure phobias

Dr Bindu Krishnan, Dept of Physics ; Mob: 9447483535

MS Shijitha, Dept of economics

MS Geetha, Dept of Chemistry

Dr Supriya, Dept of Malayalam

Mr Anoop, Dept of Commerce

Dr Biju Koonathan, Dept of Philisophy, Mob:  9400492659

Dr Usha, Dept of Zoology

Ms Radhika, Dept of English

Dr Krishna, Dept of Maths

Ms Jewel, Dept of politics

Ms Athira,Dept of Hindi

Ms Vincy, Dept of History

Mr Viswas, Dept of Statistics

Mr Sarath, Dept of Botony