D-Zone and Interzone

D-Zone and Interzone

University of Calicut organizes Interzone Arts Festival and Interzone Sports Events every year for University students and students of all the affiliated colleges every year. Region wise interzone festivals and events are divided into A, B, C and D zones. Sree Kerala Varma College falls under D zone.

Arts and cultural programmes are organized at the college level on college cultural festival days. The first and second prize winners are eligible to participate at the D zone level. Winning at the D zone level in arts festivals and sports events is highly competitive. It demands a lot of dedication, time, energy and financial support. 

Every year the college wins many prizes in D zone and many years we won overall championship. The worth mentioning major achievements are in drama, group dance etc. in arts festivals and football, cricket, volleyball etc. in sports events.   

Those who win first prize in D zone level are eligible to participate at the Interzone level. The competition becomes tough and more tough in interzone. Many years the college is able to produce excellent performance and win so many prizes at interzone. 

Many noted personalities at the national and state level in sports and arts especially in drama and literature are contributions of Sree Kerala Varma College. The college therefore gives extreme importance to D-zone and Interzone. 

Achievements in D-Zone and Interzone Arts Festivals

Year D-Zone Interzone
2016-17 Runner Up Fifth Place
2015-16 Winner  
2014-15 Runner Up  
2013-14 Winner