N-LIST : The Project entitled "National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST)", being jointly executed by the UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium, INFLIBNET Centre and the INDEST-AICTE Consortium, IIT Delhi provides for i) cross-subscription to e-resources subscribed by the two Consortia, i.e. subscription to INDEST-AICTE resources for universities and UGCINFONET resources for technical institutions; and ii) access to selected e-resources to colleges. The N-LIST project provides access to e-resources to students, researchers and faculty from colleges and other beneficiary institutions through server(s) installed at the INFLIBNET Centre. The authorized users from colleges can now access e-resources and download articles required by them directly from the publisher's website once they are duly authenticated as authorized users through servers deployed at the INFLIBNET Centre.

Sree Kerala Varma College has subscribed to N-LIST since 2012. Many students and faculty are beneficiaries of this service. N-LIST is accessible through their website http://nlist.inflibnet.ac.in/


e-Journals : Electronic journals, also known as e-journals, and are scholarly journals or intellectual magazines that can be accessed via electronic transmission. An e-journal closely resembles a print journal in structure. 

Sree Kerala Varma College has subscribed the e-journal "India Quarterly".  It is a refereed journal of international affairs. It aims to encourage scholars, journalists and other freelance intellectuals to contribute original articles on matters concerning international relations and national foreign policies. The idea is to promote critical and objective analysis on any theme of importance for international understanding. This journal is accessible by clicking here.