P. Sankaran Nambiar Foundation

P. Sankaran Nambiar Foundation 

P.Sankaran Nambiar Foundation commemorates the life and work of Kavitilakan Prof.P.Sankaran Nabiar, eminent teacher, critic, literary historian, poet and essayist. Prof. Sankaran Nambiar was the founder Principal of Sree Kerala Varm College and the Head of the Department of English.

The foundation formed in 1998, under the initiative of Prof. Kaliath Damodaran, conducts an annual memorial endowement lecture on March 2, at the Kerala Sahitya Academy premises. The foundation honours meritorious students of the college through endowement awards distributed every year. The foundation has conducted many academic lectures and talks and has associated with other similar initiatives to contribute to the literary and cultural life of Kerala. 

Apart from publishing the collected works of Prof. P.Sankaran Nambiar, the foundation has also published numerous books by eminent scholars in Malayalam.The Kaliath Damodaran Award instituted by the foundation recognises the contributions of a translator to Malayalam and is awarded annually on the death anniversary of Prof. Kaliath Damodaran.

Kavitilakan Prof.P.Sankaran Nambiar


Prof.P.Sankaran Nambiar was born in 1892 in Thrissur. He completed his education from Maharajas College, Ernakulam, and Presidency College, Chennai. In his thiry-seven years of academic service, he worked in C.M.S. College, Kottayam; S.B.college, Changanasseri; St.Thomas College, Thrissur; and Maharajas College, Ernakulam, before joining Sree Kerala Varma College as the founder Principal and Professor of English on 11 August 1947. He resigned from the post of Principal on 1 December 1951, to focus on teaching and writng, his beloved vocations, and continued as a Professor of English.

Prof. P.Sankaran Nambiar also served as the Eduacation Director of the State of Cochin, a Senate Member of the University of Madras, Member of Madras University Academic Council, and the Member of Madras University  Curriculum Commitee. He was the director of Kerala Sasthrasahitya Parishad, and the editor of the Parishad Quarterly.

His major works include Palazhi Madhanam Chambu, Suvarna Mandalam, Makaranda Manjari, Sahitya Pravesika, Malayala Sahitya Charithra Samgraham, Sahityavum Samskaravum, and Chanakyan. He has also written numerous critical and literary articles.

He passed away on 2 March 1954.

               Pror.P.Sankaran Nambiar, Founder Principal, Sree Kerala Varma College


Prof. Kaliath Damodaran Award for Translation


Prof. Kaliath Damodaran Award recognises the commendable contributions to Malayalam in the field of translation. The awardees include Dr.T.N.Raghuram (2016), Venu V.Desom (2015), and V.D.Krishnan Nambiar (2014).

Prof. Kaliyath Damodaran (February 22, 1942 – January 27, 2009), served as professor of Commerce in Sree Kerala Varma College for thirty years. He is a renowned writer in Malayalam and was the secretary of the Kerala Sahitya Academy from 1998 –2001.

He acquired much praise for his direct translations from Marathi to Malayalam and was honored with Kendra Sahitya Academy award in 2002 for Simhasanam and Kerala Sahitya Academy Award for Akkarmashi’ in 2006 for the translation of Sharan Kumar Limbale's  autobiography. His works include Manushyanunarumpol, Nilavili, Uchalya and Manavamithram.

He was the founder president of P.Sankaran Nambiar Foundation.

                                                                                             Publications by the Foundation




 The foundation has published literary and critical works of note in Malayalam and Hindi:

1. Anuseelanam (Literary Criticism) by K.P.Sankaran

2. Hindi Sahitya Ka Samkshipth Ithihaas ( History of Literature)by Dr. C.Santhi

3. Subhadrarjunam ( Play) by Thottakkattu Ikkavamma

4. Niranam Pattu Kavikal (Anthology) by Desamangalam Ramakrishnan

5. Prof. P.Sankaran Nambiarud Sampoorna Kritikal (Collected Works of Prof.P.Sankaran Nambiar)

6. Aadhunikathayude Aksharamala (Literary Criticism) by Dr.V.Sukumaran

7.Idasserikkavitha - Silpa Vicharam (Literary Criticism) by K.P.Mohanan

8. Aasanum Sreebudhanum (Literary Criticism) by Madhavan Ayyappeth

Prof. P.Sankaran Nambiar Endowement Lectures

 Year          Speaker

2016           Sunil P.Ilayidom

2015           C.Radhakrishnan

2014           M.V.Narayanan

2013          C.Rajendran

2012           K.P.Mohanan

2011           Prof. Thomas Mathew

2010           Dr.M.N. Karassery

2009           Dr.C.Achyuthanunni

2008           Dr.R.V.G.Menon


2007           Dr.A.K.Nambiar  

2006           Dr.K.G.Poulose

2005           Dr.P.K.Rajan

2004           Dr.B.Iqbal

2003           Prof.Sukumar Azhikode

2002           Prof.Vishnu Narayanan Namboothiri

2001           Prof. M.N.Vijayan

2000           Dr.M.R.raghava Warrier

1999           Prof.K.P.Sankaran




Dr.T.M.Raghuram receiving the Kaliath Damodaran Award for Translation from Sathi Damodaran on 29 January 2017 at Vyloppilli Hall, Kerala Sahitya Academy. 

For membership and other related information, please contact: Prof. Kavumbayi Balakrishnan, Dr.V.K.Vijayan, Sri. K.L.Babu, or Ms.Aiswarya S.Babu (9496351047)