Prof.Aravindakshan Foundation

Prof. V. Aravindakshan Foundation
Prof.V.Aravindakshan Foundation honours the creative interventions and contributions of an individual to the socio-cultural life of the country through an annual award instituted to commemorate the committed teacher's life and writings. The foundation also conducts a memorial lecture on a sociallt relevant theme every year, apart from organising workshops and lectures for students and scholars. An essay competition on a contemporary and socially relevant issue is conducted for college students every year with cash prizes for the best three entries. The award ceremony and the memorial lecture are conducted annually on Aravindakshan Mash's birthday, October 17.   

Prof. V.Aravindakshan was a brilliant scholar and orator, who made valuable contributions to the socio-cultural life of Kerala. His fine and sharp critique has actively contributed to enrich the leftist political consciousness and creatively guided the state's culturalresistances. His unclouded ideaological stance was evident in his enlightened interventions to curtail conservative notions and reinstate progressive thought in the contemporary discourse. 

He was a constant source of knowledge and affection for his students in his four decade long academic career as a professor of English at Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur. His lectures and brilliant treatises helped to preserve the spirited and discursive intellectual psyche of Kerala. His was one of the strongest and firm voices against religious fascism in the state. He passed away on 26 December 2015.

His major works include  Marxum Mooladhanavum, Namukkoru Paatu Paadam, Pazhamayum Puthumayum, Macbeth- Oru Mukhavura, Samanvayavum Sangarshavum, Sahityam Samskaram Samooham, and Thozhilalivarga Sahityavum Samskaravum.  

Prof. K.Sachidanandan, the eminent poet and scholar was awarded the first Prof.V.Aravindakshan Foundation Memorial Award in 2016.  M.A.Baby, Prof.Vaisakhan, and Prof. Lalitha Lenin were the jury members.


Office Bearers: Prof.Kavumbayi Balakrishnan (President) and P.S.Iqbal (Secretary)

Contact: [email protected]