Tutorial Cell

                                                                TUTORIAL CELL

The institution is having an active tutorial system for the students. One hour per week is assigned for tutorial for the students of each class. The tutorial system enables the teachers and the students to work and interact in close intimacy. The tutor monitors the academic performance of the students and she/he takes care of the academic, administrative, family, social and emotional problems of the wards assigned to her/him. The students are made aware of the support services available to them in the college campus, during the tutorial sessions.

                                                                           Most of the departments of the college established alumni associations and discussion forums during the last five years. The services of these associations and forums are also made use of for conducting talks and seminars on different branches of the subject. SKVC new tutorial committee was formed on 12-06-2017 and prepared the entire plan and time table. The committee has divided the class hours and (192 hours for PG and 112 hours for UG programmes,) has selected  faculty members from each department.


Dr .Rajeswari and   Dr.Lekshmy 

Time table for TUTORIL CELL          -     9  to  9.30-    UG classes -16, PG classes -8




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