Women's Cell


University Grants Commission (UGC) recommends the measures for ensuring the safety of women and programs for gender sensitization on campuses. According to the task force appoited by UGC, the recommendations include the need for setting up Women's Development Cell and Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell at colleges and universities. "Women’s studies centres in universities and women’s development cells in colleges must be strengthened and provided the means to function autonomously. At the same time they should be enabled to work together with gender sensitization cells and committees on campuses on educational and preventive work." ( page.7, http://www.ugc.ac.in/pdfnews/5873997_SAKSHAM-BOOK.pdf )

"The Women’s Development Cells in Colleges must be revived and funded to be able to carry out the range of activities that they are entrusted with. Their identity must remain autonomous of the functioning of sexual harassment committees and ICCs. At the same time they should extend their activities to include gender sensitization programmes in consultation with ICCs and to help to disseminate anti sexual harassment policies on campuses on a regular basis. The ‘cultural’ space and the ‘formal academic space’ need to collaborate to render these workshops, innovative, engaging and non-mechanical. It is vital to bring in Hostel Wardens, Provosts, Principals, Vice Chancellors, Legal Officers and other functionaries within the domain of accountability and  not see these initiatives as primarily the responsibility of Women Development Centres." ( page 90-91,  http://www.ugc.ac.in/pdfnews/5873997_SAKSHAM-BOOK.pdf  )

Women's Development Cell at Sree Kerala Varma College is a body of eight lady teachers , presided by the Principal. 

Convenor : Dr. S Maya , Department of Philosophy

Joint Convenor : Dr N Divya , Department of English

Members: Dr.V.S.Eswari ( Dpt of Chemistry), Vincy C.K (Dpt of History), Vineetha M.C (Dpt of Chemistry),  Dr.V. Athira (Dpt of Hindi), Jewel John (Dpt of Politics), Smruthi S(  Dpt of Maths).



1) March 8th -Women's Day and one day seminar : Concluding session 'Religion, Caste and Gender: Art, Film and Female' ,Talk by Sr Neelan Premji, Sri Priyanandanan, Dr Kavitha Balakrishnan,  08-03-2018, PSN Hall.

2) Seminar on 'Women and Literature in Contemporary Kerala', and Release of a poetry book ' Chithrasalabhangalude Ghadikaram' authored by Dr Divya N, Released by Dr Rosy Thampy, 21-02-2018 PSN Hall.

3) Seminar on 'Women and Migrant Life' , Sri Jose Punnamparambil (Clogne, Gemany), Mrs Sosamma Punnamparambil, Prof Dr Heike Oberlin and Prof C M Neelakandhan. Book release and Book discussion of the book ' Changing Perspectives among Indian Diaspora in Germany' authored by Dr S Maya., 04-01-2018, PSN Hall

4) Seminar Series on 'Religion, Caste and Gender', Third invited Talk by Dr. Sr Jesme on 'Christianity and Gender scenario' , at PSN hall on 08-12-2017

5) Cyber Crimes- Probelms and Solutions- An awareness class from Kerala Police , Cyber Crime Investigation team , organized by Women's Cell at Sree Kerala Varma College- V V R Auditorium, 09-11-2017

 6) Seminar Series on "Religion, Caste and Gender" - Second Talk. By Dr Sheeba K M , on the topic of "Nampoothiri Women and Kerala Reform Movement: with a discussion on Smaarthavichaaram", 01-11-2017

 7) Women in Cenema Today, Seminar discussion , Presentation by Dr. Janaky Sreedharan, Mini Kurian and K B Venu, 20-10-2017

8) Seminar Series on "Religion, Caste and Gender" ,  'Muslim Women and Gender"  - First Invited Talk by Smt V P Suhra from NISA Progressive Mislim Women's Forum - Kozhikode, on 17-08-2017


1) Women's Day programs, March 8th-10th, 2017: Open debate on "Friendship concept in the campus", Self-defence program for girls, by NIRBHAYA, Janamaithri Police, Thrissur, Seminar on Decoding Digitals by Dr Usha Ramanathan, CSDS New Delhi . 

2)Seminar on  “Higher Education: Structural Barriers and Institutional Hindrances: A Case of Kerala” by Nicolas Mauviel, Research Fellow,South Asian Studies Center, Paris, France on 31-11-2016

3) One-day seminar on “Women's Studies” , presentations by Mini Sukumar and Dr G Ushakumari,  23-09-2016.

4) Seminar on “Women Health Rights” The presentation will be done by Dr A. K. Jayasree, Professor, Pariyaram Medical College, Kannur, on 29-07-2016.

5) Workshop on “Reading Gender” by Dr. Bindu K.C, Asst. Professor ,Department of Gender Studies, Ambedkar University, New Delhi. PSN hall, 21st June 2016


1) Workshop on Gender, 12, 13 and 14 February, 2016: Women’s Cell  organized a residential workshop on Gender during 12th , 13th and 14th February in the campus at Sree Kerala Varma College. There were various faculty members taking classes on gender and women issues. Documentaries and films on various gender aspects were shown during the program. Also there were poster/book exhibition, camp-fire, thematic music programs and open discussion sessions as part of the event. 

2) A seminar on “ Equality Vs Difference: Feminist Perspectives” , by Dr. A. K Ramakrishnan, Professor, JNU, New Delhi. at PSN Hall, 10 am, 17th December 2015

3) Women’s Cell opened an office room and the ceremonial inauguration was followed by a seminar on ‘Sex and Gender’ and a documentary film show by, Mr.Santhoskumar from Media Action with Youth and Adolescents (MAYA), at PSN Hall, 2 pm, 30th November 2015.

4) Seminar on Gender and Modeernity in Kerala, by Dr. Anna Lindberg (Director, SASNET - Swedish South Asian Studies Network/Lund University), At PSN Hall, 1.30pm, Friday, 6th February 2015

Along with organizing seminars and workshops, women’s cell conductS Yoga Classes and Tailoring Classes for the students and teachers.

The Women's Cell has been instrumental in the installation of sanitary pad vending machine and incinerator placed in the girl's  rest room and girl's hostel compound. The health club/ fitness club/ gym for girls/women is a permanent arrangement by women`s cell. 


Women's Cell Office room inaguration by Principal Prof. C M Latha, 2015 November

Reading Gender,

One-Day Workshop, Dr Bindu K C, Ambedkar University, New Delhi

Dr.A K Jayasree, of Pariyaram Medical College, speaks on Women Health Rights

Three-Day Workshop on Gender: 12-14 February 2016

Inauguration by Smt. Parvathi Pavanan

Dr.Rajeswari Kunjamma, Retd Professor, Sree Kerala Varma college,  speaks at the Inaugural session of the 3-day workshop on Gender

Other Speakers at the 3-day workshop on Gender

Left: Dr. Rekha Raj, Panchami Dalit Women's group

Right:  Adv Maria


Students participate in the 3-day workshop on Gender


Other Speakers at the 3-day seminar

Left to Right: Dr. P.Geetha, Dr. Manjula Bharati, Prof. Kusumam Jospeh

Valedictory Talk, 3day workshop on Gender. Talk by Dr Muraleedharan, Retd. Professor, St Aloysius College

One Day Seminar on Women's Studies

Session by Prof. Mini Sukumar, Centre for Women's Studies, Calicut University

Seminar by Dr A.K Ramakrishnan, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Gender and Modernity in Kerala: Seminar, Dr Anna Lindberg, SASNET Director, Sweden


Yoga Class arranged by Women's Cell

Exhibition and sale by women entrepreneurs,  BHAGIDHARI  eco-friendly bags, Non-plastic promotion, during the workshop , February 12-14, 2016

Self-defence training program by NIRBHAYA, Janamaithri Police

Usha Ramanathan (CSDS) was the invited guest for Womens Day Seminar, Mach 10th 2017. She spoke on Decoding Digitals.

International Women's Day programs, March 8th, 2017: Open debate on "Friendship concept in the campus"